Our history

Cooperative Export marketing Alliance of Canada or Cemac CEMAC.

CEMAC was a non for profit initiative funded by Finance Canada and supported and approved by Agricultural Canada.

It was a pilot project of the Government of Canada in 1990.

In 1991 Dimitri N Kakaletris wrote a thesis describing a new way to export and a new way to import.

It attacked much attention from the business community and the government.

In  September 1991 Cemac was incorporated and a NON for Profit Organization.

CEMAC was one of only three Government of Canada funded non for profit Organizations:

  • FIC or  Food Institute of Canada... whose members were all Multinationals.
  • Specialty Foods ....which was funded to help companies participate in World Wide Trade Show. 
  • CEMAC ...  to help SME-S Small to Medium Enterprises... Go Global or help them Export.

We quickly grow to a sizable Organization with more then 50 members and an overall combined business annual of 300,000,000 CND.

Our first major contract was with Publix in Florida. One of the top 10 largest Supermarket in USA and other was Walt Disney World.

We also sign contracts with the largest distributors like Gourmet Awards Food who are present in every State of the Union and  Souther Wines and Spirits. A top 3 Distributor of wine and spirit across the USA. 

Our Strategy was simple:

  • Sell direct.
  • Buy direct.
  • Be transparent.
  • Pool resources.
  • Pool ideas.
  • Work as a group not as an individual.
  • We were very successful traveling across Canada spreading the News of our Success and training local groups to build their own local Cemac.  Soon companies across Canada were forming their own  local working groups and working as a team pooling their knowledge resources and experiences to approach foreign markets.
  • Our Funding ran out in 1996 and CEMAC was placed in the Hands of Agriculture Canada. 
  • Sadly 3 years later the Project was closed due to a change of Government and Policies. 
  • Its Founder however has continued to work and promote the idea of cooperation and pooling resources working as a group.
  • He has reinvented these practices in Europe and in 9 other countries, calling the NEW company SEMAK Agency.
  • Semak now is a Privately own for Profit organization with offices and or personal in USA, Canada, India, Mexico, Germany France, Russia, Greece and Cyprus.