Who we are

We are cooperatives and manufactures in Greece. 

Working with us: You will buy direct from the cooperative or manufacture ( no middleman ) and you will be introduced to the companies you are interested in working with personally. 

This will be a fully transparent Business Venture. 

About Greece and our Products

Greece is on the World Citrus belt. This means we produce fruits and vegetables all years. Our Red Volcanic soil is very high in Minerals and is perfect for this type of product production.

We have very high mountains as well 2000+ meters and our mountains receive snow every year which is visible till June and July. This gives us a continues and abundant flow of fresh water. This water is crystal clear drinking water and the essence of life for us. Our product and animals depend on this water all year round. It is one of the most helpful Natural sources of our ability to produce fruits and vegetables all year.

The World Citrus belt is very small geographically. Considering it circles the Earth it mostly is not usable. It is small because half is over the sea and the other half is in war torn countries or countries with unstable governments. 

You are what you Eat!

Healthy fruits from Greece

Protein is the Fabric of Life. Only plants make Protein so we need to eat fresh Fruits and Vegetables. We eat animal protein as well but the animal eats plant to get the protein. 

Vitamins from Fruit it is critical to every persons well being to eat fresh fruits but very important to young children and older people. 

For this reason Greece can play an important role in supplying these product to countries who conditions do not lend to the cultivation of these Items. 

Greece can be Your Countries Garden. 

We can Grow specifically for your needs.

We can Grow specifically for your citizens.

We can grow specifically for costumers. 

We can Grow specifically what you wish and for when you need it.