How we work

As an Agency for our members we do all the prospecting, calling, initiating, introducing our members to foreign markets. 

Our Agency with agents in 9 other countries is working to locally introduce our member, while our member do what they are good at: manufacturing.

Our member do not spend unnecessary money, precious time, traveling the world looking for Buyers. 

Our agency carefully constructs for every member their individual needs and we work for them to find what they are looking for. 

Once we are successful, we bring the buyer and the seller together to meet and negotiate terms and conditions. 

We are paid a small commission only when the member is satisfied with our results.

Example of our old broken system: 

Ten members fly to foreign lands, stay in hotels, pay taxis, meal, booths participate in shows etc.. normally this would cost thousands of euro and multiply this times ten and you start to see why we do not export. 

Anuga or Sial or New York Fancy Food Show each will cost each member 10,000 Euro for 5 days. 

They will return with 50 to 150 cards. They will have to send samples; each of the samples by courier will cost 100 euro x 150 cards 15,000 Euro => totaling 25,000 Euro! 

This does not include the thousands of hours and e-mail and phone calls you will need to make after the show. 

The success results are less the 3 % that some one will be willing to try your product. But they will start with a less then container load and that's a big problem because of high shipping cost.

Then you need to add even more work and costs: 

  • Costume clearance 
  • International shipping 
  • Local distributors 
  • Local sales companies or broker

Additionally: Trust can not be built in a show or in a few phone calls in a few days. Trust is built over many years and that is why we have agents on the ground in their countries negotiating for our member and introducing our members to buyer or exporters locally. 

Semak agents will  do all the prospecting, pay all the expenses till we have a solution for the member. 

The member stays at home doing what he is good at: manufacturing. He is managing his business and saving money. 

This also adds to quality of life because he spends more time with his family. 

We are paid a small commission only if we are successful. 

We negotiate all of the following for our members

  • Terms of payment
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Demonstrations or in store demos
  • Warehouse allowances
  • Over and about
  • Listing fees
  • Financing terms
  • Cash rebates
  • Shipping and delivery costs
  • Duties and costume clearance
  • Taxes
  • Tax Collection