Welcome to SEMAK

We are experts in Export and Import

SEMAK stands for :  Superior, Export, Marketing, Alliance and Knowledge.

It was founded in Canada in 1991  

Since then , Semak has evolved into a global Agency with Offices and Agents in USA, Canada, Russia, India, China, Mexico, Greece, Germany and France. 

We continue to develop and share with our global partners and friends new Ideas 

We are all experienced individuals with a long history of Manufacturing, Importing and Exporting.

We have come together to share our experiences and find a better way to conduct business world wide.

Our members are cooperatives and manufacturers - all with HACCP and ISO licensing.

Our goal is to Export and Import.

Our mission is to meet like minded individuals in foreign markets.

Our motto is Sell or Buy Direct - No Middleman.



We understand the need for extended terms and conditions. 

We work with you and extend to you terms and conditions that suit your individual needs.

Every one is different.

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